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Review: The God Queen (Rebirth Saga #1)

Author: M.L. Tishner
Started reading: May 2nd 2022
Finished the book: May 12th 2022
Pages: 432
Genres: Science Fiction
Published: October 22nd 2019
Source: Physical copy from the author
Goodreads score: 4.00
My score:
In a backwater Earth town, Rei Ettowa dreams of traveling across the stars to destroy Infiernen - the knight who murdered her brother.
When Rei discovers she is the reincarnation of the prophesied God Queen, she relishes her newfound ability to channel lightning for revenge. Unfortunately, blazing through a battlefield clashes with the Federation’s plan for Rei and the others like her. All the gods are to be trained as diplomatic figureheads to sway voters, not agents of war. Infiernen must remain untouched.
Unable to let go of her brother’s murder, Rei finds Infiernen. But instead of killing him, Rei discovers a secret the Federation has been keeping from her about her brother.
Now Rei is mad as hell. Her enemies must pay. But who are they? And what else is the Federation hiding from her?

My thoughts
When seeing the cover and blurb for this book, I was so excited to read this. This book was fun and overall pretty good! I do think, that since I have so many books on my TBR, I won't be continuing this series, and I will explain in my review why!

  • Fast paced: This book is so fast paced. If the Tishner would have maybe worked in a bit more detail, this book could easily have been 3 books instead! It's not a book where you will be bored; there will be questions, answers or action scenes in every chapter. A lot is happening and that is definitely something that will keep you reading.
  • Action scenes: I LOVED the action scenes in this book. Sometimes action scenes are hard to picture for me, but not in this book. Everything was described in a way that I could easily picture it and that's why I was enjoying these scenes so much. The action scenes were some of my favorite parts to read; so much fun!

  • Fast paced: A book being fast paced is something that I definitely enjoy. In this book things sometimes went REALLY fast. Half a plan is voiced, and 2 pages later everybody leaves to execute the plan. There is so much going one, that I sometimes didn't even have time to process it. I would've loved it if things were taken a bit slower. I wanted things to be elaborated more. Things like the past, and maybe the landscape or the way things look.
  • Cast of characters: This book has a big cast of characters, with definitely their own personalities! But some people only appear once, or for a short time, to come back into the story later and I feel like it's assumed I know them by then. I felt confused at some times, with a big cast of characters they really need to leave a mark and sometimes they didn't. Then you have characters with names that felt very much alike and here you go; I was so confused.. xD.
This book has some of the best described action scenes I have ever read. I had so much fun reading them; the sparring, the practicing, the fighting. I think Tishner did a really good job on the cast of characters, plot and story. Sometimes I felt like things could've been taken a bit slower, or things could've been described better. Maybe if the story wasn't as fast paced as it was, it would've been 4 stars for me. Overall definitely a science fiction series that I think a lot of people would enjoy.

Other opinions on this book
"M.L. Tishner displays great skill and forethought building such a detailed universe. The God Queen is an adrenaline rush led by a plucky heroine that will grab your attention and won't let go!"
- Indies Today

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