Saturday, August 12, 2017

Review: No Time To Say Goodbye

Author: Bill Adler Jr.
Started reading: July 27th 2017
Finished the book: July 27th 2017
Pages: 50
Genres: Science Fiction, Short Story
Published: April 1st 2017
Source: Got a physical copy from the author
Goodreads score: Not enough ratings
My score:
Yesterday, all Dennis Tanner wanted was to love his wife, Rachel, and to be the best doctor he could. Today, all Dennis wants is to stop traveling forward in time, before the woman he loves, his friends, and his entire world are gone.

Will Dennis discover the answer to why he’s been traveling into the future? Will he finally be able to stop or will he continue to travel, alone and bereft, until time itself ends?

No Time to Say Goodbye is a gripping novella about one man’s desperate attempt to hold onto love and life no matter what happens, no matter where—or when—he is.

My thoughts
It's pretty hard to rate a book that only took you an hour to finish. The story is short, but very enjoyable! I wanted to give the book 3 apples, but I just really enjoyed it, so it will be 4 apples. If the book was longer, I would've given it 5 apples, because the main character is likeable and the story is written pretty well!

  • Characters: The story is mainly about Dennis Tanner, who all of a sudden starts traveling through time without him knowing it. He is living together with his wife Rachel. Dennis is a rational person and I like the way he is trying to solve his problem. I love both Dennis and Rachel as individual characters, but their chemistry together is awesome as well!
  • What is happening!? I really had no idea what was happening and let myself just be sucked right into the story. I couldn't think of a rational explanation for what was happening and I really like the mysterious vibe that plays along the whole book. The ending was pretty satisfying as well!
  • Getting thrown right in: There is no stalling, you get thrown right in from the beginning of the book. It's build up in a great way. The time traveling starts with small bits and pieces but spins out of control pretty fast as well. I really like the build-up!
  • Needed more: 50 pages is just too short.. I want more, in this book and others after this as well!
  • Wish it was longer: This story easily could have been longer. At some point in the book Dennis just skips from time to time and keeps traveling into the future. It would've been nice having him longer in between the time traveling, just to explore the world he's in right now. This is not my decision to make, of course, but 50 pages are finished pretty quickly.
  • Gaps are too short: Like I just said; at some point Dennis just keeps traveling and the time in between is so short, too short to my opinion. I would've loved to know where in time Dennis was and what the world looked like at that point. It got me a bit frustrated, because Bill Adler Jr. proves himself to have enough fantasy to tell me more about the time and place.
If you have the time; just pick up this book! It will take you maybe an hour to finish, but it's pretty awesome. It's creative and fast paced and full of mystery! I just wished it was longer and I hope that maybe a sequel will be written...

Other opinions about this book
"Adler writes a compelling sci-fi narrative, with the reader as eager as Dennis to figure out what's happening."
- Kirkus

"A great read for fans of time travel."
- Books a Plenty

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