Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Review: The Summer of Annah: A Midsummer's wish (The Seasons of Annah #1)

Author: Tinthia Clemant
Started reading: August 14th 2017
Finished the book: August 20th 2017
Pages: 292
Genres: Romance
Published: May 28th 2016
Source: Got a physical copy from the author
Goodreads score: 4.63
My score:
When Annah-Belle Henderson cast a spell for love she never envisioned her wish would be granted in the young nephew of her best friend. With a face that rivals the Norse god Thor, and a body to match, the charismatic Eric Ashworth draws Annah into a dizzying current of emotions. Should she accept the chance for love with a man twenty years younger or should she reject her feelings?

As a past darkness threatens to destroy all that she longs for, Annah makes a decision that begins a journey fraught with judgement, betrayal, disloyalty, and perhaps death.

My thoughts
This was such a refreshing book. This book stands out between all the insta-love, erotica and hot-steamy sexscenes between people who know each other 2 days. It's so nice to read a book where there is actual LOVE before there is sex. This is a book where the main character questions herself. Should she love this person? Should she give her heart away? Next to the growing romance, you have the nowadays "taboo" of an older woman with a younger man, that is not accepted everywhere.

  • Annah: What a kind person! I wish I'd know her in person. She is at some point maybe even too kind. She can be snappy and have a temper, she can be insecure and all, but that's what makes her feel like a real person! I think this is one of my favorite characters this summer in all the books that I've read.
  • Romance: There are too many books out there that focus on outer appearances, sex and lust. For me, those feelings are PART of loving one. Getting to know a person and getting feelings because of their personality is what makes this book so good for me. Of course, you are attracted to a person, you want to get to know them. I see so many books where "getting to know" a person involves having sex with that person the first night. I love how Annah is getting to know the person she is attracted to, by talking and spending time together.
  • Tension: This book is not sappy and boring, which I was kinda scared of when I was a bit further in the book. There is tension. It feels like a big thunderstorm is coming and you know you'll just have to take shelter and wait for it to pass... The final part of the book was gruesome, where there is also action and a lot of tension!

  • Spirits and stuff: Annah is a witch, as she calls herself. This whole aura/spirit world thingy is not really my cup of tea. I couldn't place myself in that situation. I just don't get it, I'm a bit too literal for stuff like that. I do believe it added a layer to Annah as a person, but it wasn't something I could understand.
  • Rude friends: Annah has a couple of friends who are dear to her. I can't believe how some of them treat her and the way they talk to her. They are outright rude to her! Some even use her and I would never accept the things her friends ask of her. Annah's son isn't that great to her either, while she seems like the best mother ever! This behavior is not really something that spoke to me. A great character like Annah deserves great friends. I felt bad for Annah and believe she deserves better treatment and is obliged to tell her friends so! It felt weird that she did not tell them how she felt and let them use her.
A romance novel with a little sprinkle of the spiritual world. It was pleasant to read a book where getting to know a person was part of the process before actually loving someone and sharing your bed with them.
There are diverse characters in this book, and this makes the conversations refreshing. The fact that Annah is a lot older than the man she falls in love with, was a different take on love for me. I got to understand this point of view a lot better. I hope to read something about this lovely woman, Annah, again!

Other opinions about this book
"Ms. Clemant is not afraid to tackle the last taboo - and handles the subject of an older woman and a younger man with sensitivity and aplomb, weaving it into a story that will stay with you fora long time after you have read the last page."
- Elizabeth Davies, author of The Resurrection Series

Memorable quotes from this book
"She longed to reach up, stroke his face, wrap her arms around his neck, and pull him closer. She longed to swim in his voice. She ached to drink the taste of his lips."

"Put your coffee down and take my hands."
"But if I take your hands, I'll have four and you'll have none!"

"My past relationships helped to shape who I am, but they don't define my life. I'm capable of loving and being without the pain. The scars I carry have made me stronger."

How do you feel about books that address taboos?