Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Review: We Are All Made of Stars

Author: Rowan Coleman
Started reading: July 23rd 2017
Finished the book: July 24th 2017
Pages: 432
Genres: Fiction, Contemporary, Romance
Published: January 28th 2016
Source: Borrowed from library
Goodreads score: 4.09
My score:
Stella Carey has good reason to only work nights at the hospice where she is a nurse. Married to a war veteran who has returned from Afghanistan brutally injured, Stella leaves the house each night as Vincent locks himself away, unable to sleep due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

During her nights at the hospice, Stella writes letters for her patients, detailing their final wishes, thoughts and feelings – from how to use a washing machine, to advice on how to be a good parent – and posts them after their death.
That is until Stella writes one letter that she feels compelled to deliver in time, to give her patient one final chance of redemption...

My thoughts
This is a book where you just... *sigh* when you've finished it. I loved the book. Have been near to tears at various points. It's full of feelings and love. It's highly unique with all the letters in between. It's so inspiring to read what a person would tell a loved one when he/she died.

  • The Feelz: If you like a book with, so called, ALLTHEFEELZ you should definitely read this one. It was heartbreaking and tear jerking but gave me a warm feeling as well. What we people are willing to do for love...
  • Ending: The book has 3 different storylines and the ending was satisfying for me, in every storyline. It's always a great feeling when a standalone ends in a way that you are content with it.
  • Letters in between: The unique part about this book is all the different letters that are in between the chapters. Some letters are actually relevant to the story, but others are from people who died in the hospice were Stella works. It's a pretty emotional ride, to read the last thing someone wanted to tell their loved ones.
  • Stella: This woman is STRONG and KIND. She is ready to fight for what she's worth. I loved her. She has all those great characteristics, but Rowan Coleman made her human as well. Stella makes mistakes, cries, get's frustrated, but is still willing to do everything for love. She is definitely a character that will stick with me!
You tell me.

A great feel-good story including the not-feeling-so-good parts. I rushed through by the way, finished it within a day. The letters in this book are unique and this book is definitely an emotional rollercoaster ride. I totally recommend this book if you like romance, fiction, and allthefeelz.
So satisfying...

Other opinions about this book
"A beautiful web of a book that reminds us of how we are all connected, and how to die - and live - without regrets. Is that a tear in my eye? No, that's a tear in your eye."
- Jody Picoult

"Coleman uses several voices and perspectives to turn a potentially dark story into one filled with light. Fans of Jojo Moyes will love this beautifully written, deeply engaging novel that understands death and celebrates life."
- Booklist

"Coleman has written a poignant story that examines the value of life, love, and forgiveness... A tear-jerking but ultimately uplifting story."
- Kirkus Reviews

Memorable quotes from this book
"The feeling of how much I loved you almost drowned me - it was like I couldn't catch my breath."

"And that's what it's about, isn't it? Love? Love's about making it last, making it stick, making it count - even when it hurts, when times are hard, when people change, when life changes them. If you love someone, then you have to want to love them, whoever they are."

"You can't worry about the rest of the world, never mind the rest of the universe. All you can do is look to your left and your right and try to be kind to whoever is there."

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