Tuesday, March 12, 2019

My Trip To Kenya

A lot of followers were very curious what I've been doing in Kenya and I'd love to tell you all about it, in this blogpost!

I was there for 10 days with a project called Teachers4Teachers. With around 40 Dutch teachers, we travel to Kenya. It's all about meeting and connecting with Kenyan teachers and to inspire them by giving workshops. The workshops are about varied teaching methods and active learning.

(I'd recommend you click the song at the bottom of this page, so you can have some nice Kenyan music while reading this blogpost!)

Thursday, February 14th
This is the day we arrive at 3 PM in Diani Beach, an hour away from Mombasa. It's time to get used to the climate, to unpack in your room and to have dinner and the first Staff Meeting.

Friday, February 15th
In small groups of 3 or 4 teachers we visited a school that was nearby. Just to get a taste of the Kenyan schools, since there are very few resources and big classes. Sometimes a class can have 100 children in it.

Saturday, February 16th
This is the day that me and my buddy met a Kenyan headteacher, who is supporting us during the workshops. This was so much fun, because I also got to meet the headteacher I was working with last year; Mister Tsimba. It feels like home when people are there to hug you and are happy to see you again!


Monday, February 18th & Tuesday, February 19th
During these two days, me and my buddy were working with a group of  22 teachers from Shimba Hills. This area is an hour drive from our hotel. These are all first and second grade teachers and after two days we finished the workshops with this group.


Thursday, February 21st & Friday, February 22nd
The second round of workshops was with a group very close to our hotel and some of the teachers were familiar with T4T. This was a group of 34 teachers, also from the first and second grade.

Saturday, February 23rd
On Saturday, it's time to celebrate that we've got to know each other and made friends and shared our love and passion for education. It's a whole day full of dancing, singing and gifts. After this celebration we go back to the hotel to pack our bags.

I'd recommend anyone who gets the chance to do charity work in Africa to do it. I've been to Africa four times now; two times to Kenya and I LOVE it there.
I am going to try and see if I can go with T4T next year, because it already felt like coming home this second time!

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