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Review: The Seven Sisters (The Seven Sisters #1)

Author: Lucinda Riley
Started reading: February 20th 2019
Finished the book: March 3rd 2019
Pages: 626
Genres: Fiction, Historical Romance
Published: May 5th 2015
Source: Borrowed from a friend
Goodreads score: 4.20
My score:
Maia D’Apliese and her five sisters gather together at their childhood home, “Atlantis”—a fabulous, secluded castle situated on the shores of Lake Geneva—having been told that their beloved father, who adopted them all as babies, has died. Each of them is handed a tantalizing clue to her true heritage—a clue which takes Maia across the world to a crumbling mansion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Once there, she begins to put together the pieces of her story and its beginnings.

My thoughts
I was a bit hesitant when a friend of mine told me that I had to read this book. It's a big book, in a genre that I don't read that often. I decided I would take it to Kenya and start reading it there in my spare time. I was hooked and I especially like the beginning and ending parts of the book.

  • Traveling: The fact that the book takes place in beautiful spots is one of the reasons I enjoyed it that much. First in Geneva, then off to Rio and Paris. I love traveling and the way Lucinda Riley is describing all these places, is like I'm there myself. The way it was written reminded me of The Shadow of the Wind, my favorite book.
  • Plot: There are a lot of questions and even at 80% of the book, I still had no idea how it would end. A lot of questions were still to be answered. I was satisfied and also a bit heartbroken about the plot. It's exactly how life is, it wasn't sugarcoated and that's what I liked.
  • Ending: I wasn't really sure if I wanted to keep reading this series. I was set on giving the book 3 stars the whole time, but the final parts of the book from 90% to 100% convinced me to read the other books as well. I can't tell you anything without spoiling, but I bought the first 5 books this week...
  • Long: This book could easily be 400 pages. Some of the parts are dragging on and a lot of information is not necessary for the story. The book does read very easily, so that's why I could read it pretty fast, but 100/200 pages less would not make a difference.
I want to thank Sanne for introducing me to this series! If you ever want to borrow another book, let me know! If you like romance, a bit of mystery, traveling and history, this will be a good book for you. And even if you don't read these genres that much, you can still enjoy the book, like I did!

Other opinions on this book
"A brilliant page-turner, soaked in glamour and romance."
- The Daily Mail

"Lucinda Riley is one of the strongest authors in this genre of historical fiction. Her ability to weave stories together, using modern-day and historical settings, is top notch. This novel will appeal to readers of multiple genres as it contains excellent historical detail, heartwarming romance, and an engaging mystery."
- Library Journal

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