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Review: Lexicon

Author: Max Barry
Started reading: February 26th 2019
Finished the book: March 23rd 2019
Pages: 390
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller
Published: June 18th 2013
Source: Kindle Book
Goodreads score: 3.90
My score:
At an exclusive school somewhere outside of Arlington, Virginia, students aren't taught history, geography, or mathematics--at least not in the usual ways. Instead, they are taught to persuade. Here the art of coercion has been raised to a science. Students harness the hidden power of language to manipulate the mind and learn to break down individuals by psychographic markers in order to take control of their thoughts. The very best will graduate as "poets", adept wielders of language who belong to a nameless organization that is as influential as it is secretive.

My thoughts
Thanks to Arjen for doing this Buddyread with me and for introducing me to this book, I had never heard of it! This book was so weird but satisfying and addicting as well. I didn't know what was going on for a LONG time. I got a hunch around 40% and I was happy with the way the book ended.

  • Confusing: The book was confusing for a very long time. You only get little bits of information at a time. Not every person is who you think he/she is. The book keeps swapping from the present to the past and that was a nice way to get more info on the characters and their history as well. I liked the fact that one of the main characters has memory loss and you find out more together with him.
  • Unique: The sci-fi part in this book is unique and I have not seen anything like it. I like that words and language are a big part of this story. I don't want to spoil too much, it would be more fun if you'd figure it out yourself.
  • Ending: I liked this a lot. Things escalate quickly and it's over before you can even guess what is going on, but I am happy and satisfied with this ending. It's a nice ending for a standalone and I feel like I got closure and did not have any questions left.
  • Everything is possible: Characters that are important for the story die easily. So this kept me on the edge of my seat, because I felt like anything could happen, no one was safe. It also made the end of the book a big question mark for me, because it could have ended in a very different way as well.

An unique sci-fi/thriller book that also contains mystery and romance. If you try this book and feel that it's confusing and you don't know what is going on... Just keep reading! I did too and you will be left satisfied. I would LOVE to read the book again, now I know what is going, who is who and what is what...

Other opinions on this book
"Imagine, if you will, a secret group of people called Poets who have the power to control others simply by speaking to them. Barry has, and the result is an extraordinary fast, funny, cerebral thriller."
- Time Magazine

"A clever blend of sci-fi and thriller, with touches of romance and humor... persuaded me anew that words are, indeed, the bomb."
- Dallas Morning News

Memorable quotes from this book
"I have nothing and no one but you, and you're useless. That's not a personal commentary. It's a statement of fact."

Thanks for reading!
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