Saturday, May 16, 2020

Magazine Review: SOILED

Today I'm reviewing a magazine filled with short stories for children about architecture and the built environment. The magazine has 180 pages and I will shortly talk about each story in the magazine.

The overall look for this magazine is great. The red and blue and all the geometric shapes made it look very attractive.

Around the Block by Julia McMorrough
Rating: 5
The story is in rhyme and I'm a fan of stories in thyme. The shapes are a big part in this story and were even linked to a colour. It was lovely how the story also teaches younger ones to look at things from a different perspective and that looking at things differently is not wrong.

Window Hopping by Ihwa Choi
Rating: 2
This was a story without letters or text and I'm not the biggest fan. I feel, as a teacher, that it's important to teach children words and sentences. It's, of course, great if kids can tell the story themselves, but with this story I'm not so sure. I didn't really get it.

A Whole Lot of Ideas by OK Architecture
Rating: 3
Another story in rhyme! It was a nice story about asking advice but in the meantime keep thinking about what you want. In the end the main character chose her own path and I liked that.

The Little Girl and the Sun by Wai Think Tank
Rating: 5
This story is also in rhyme, yay. I loved how this was a story without words but it had an introduction. So the story was laid out, but it allows younger ones to explore and figure out what was happening. The simple shapes tell a big story and I liked that. I'm not sure if I would have understood if the introduction was not there, so that was a smart move and makes me give the story 5 stars.

A Friend for Thor by Sarah Aziz and Sekou Cooke
Rating: 3
The pictures were totally different from anything in this magazine, because it was in 3D. I did find the pictures a little bit weird in the beginning. What I did love was that the story is about a whirlwind as a main character. It's so original and I believe that some kids would be able to find this very funny!

Desert Friends Help Decorate by Office Kovacs
Rating: 2
I think I've now made clear that I'm not the biggest fan of picture books without words. This is also a story without words. The pictures were in 3D and with little animals which was fun. I could understand the story but I'm not really sure what I think about it.

This is Pointer by Besler & Sons
Rating: 5
I love the link between the story and something that kids can explore in real life; the computer. The story was pretty simple but the fact that you can take out the pictures and be crafty with it was awesome! This also allows children to physically play out the story.

Grandma's House by Sarah Gunawan
Rating: 5
These were my favorite pictures in the whole magazine. I loved how this story shows that a home can change in different periods in your life. It's also really sweet how it tells about making time for family and that it's important to not forget about them and help them out.

Thanks for reading!
I'm curious what you think about this magazine after my review!

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