Friday, May 22, 2020

Review: The Otto Digmore Decision (Otto Digmore #2)

Author: Brent Hartinger
Started reading: May 17th 2020
Finished the book: May 21st 2020
Pages: 253
Genres: New Adult, LGBT
Published: January 15th 2020
Source: Digital copy from the author
Goodreads score: 4.44
My score:
Otto Digmore is back, still trying to make it as an actor in Hollywood (despite his facial scars), but frustrated by all the schemers who'll stab you in the back to get ahead. But then Otto's good friend Russel Middlebrook sells a screenplay, a heist movie set in the Middle Ages — and Otto has been cast in an important supporting role! For twelve weeks, Otto and Russel will be on location together in England and Malta.
Problem is, once production is underway, it quickly becomes clear that the director is ruining Russel's script. If the movie ends up being the bomb that both Otto and Russel expect it to be, it could ruin both their Hollywood careers forever.

But Otto and Russel aren't willing to take that chance. Together, they hatch a crazy plan to make a good movie behind the director's back. But how far are they willing to go to save their careers? Are they willing to become exactly the kind of scheming backstabbers they always said they hated? And what if Otto and Russel disagree?

My thoughts
I was so happy when Brent Hartinger sent me an email that a new Otto Digmore book was being published! I remember being really fond of the first book and I couldn't wait to read this one too. This book made me remember why I loved the first book so much and I enjoyed every second of this second book. I'm sure I'll read more by Brent Hartinger in the future.

  • Easy to like: Otto is so easy to like. I love reading about him and just being in the presence of his personality. I remember totally falling for Otto and him being one of my favorite main characters. I still feel that way. He's such a nice guy and you can't do anything but root for him!
  • Naked scene: There was a naked scene in this book and I enjoyed every second of it. The way Otto thinks about this is so refreshing and I loved the way he went into detail about... Certain parts, LOL. It was so funny and hilarious to read. I'm a very open person and talk about everything with my friends, so to read this was just all giggles for me.
  • Thinking: I'm usually so bored by thinking scenes in a book, where a main character is pondering. But not when it's Otto! This book is full of Otto thinking about things and I love every second of it. Otto is a smart person and has a very refreshing outlook on things. It's so interesting to really dive into his persona.
  • Research: I feel like good research was done for this book. I learned new stuff about history and different places. I learned about the world of Hollywood. I think the change of scenery was a smart choice for this book. It wasn't just a change of scenery though, the information that the author provides was so neat. I Googled the places they went and I felt like it was described the right way.
  • Excited: At the end of the book the author throws a hint about a new series out there and I felt excited right away. These books are exactly as long as they should be and they're so easy to read. I enjoyed every page of the first book and this book and it just makes me want to read more!
U kidding?

This series only contains two books, because Brent Hartinger wrote that this is the final book. It's easy to read and I totally recommend people to pick up these two books. I can't imagine that people won't fall in love with Otto!

Memorable quotes from this book
"It's the choices we make, not the experiences we have, that make us who we are."

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