Sunday, September 17, 2017

Yes, I'm still reading! (Sunday Post)

Hi there, how are all you lovelies doing?!
Since I haven't been posting as much as I did during my Summer Break, I thought it would be nice to join in on The Sunday Post.
A weekly meme by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. A meme to recap your week, share news and showcase books and things you've received!

I have been working; 5 days a week with the kids in my classroom. Next to that, I'm training to run a 15K over 7 big hills here in The Netherlands. I'm also going back to school on Thursday evenings to graduate as a gymnastic teacher, with this diploma/certificate I'm allowed to give gymnastics to the kids in my classroom myself! AND; I'm also preparing to move in the first week of October.

Long story short; I'm BUSY!

I have been reading though, I'm currently reading Letters to Eloise and a Dutch book called Vallen.
I hope to post a review for Letters to Eloise very soon.

I haven't been accepting that much review requests, since my list is never ending right now and I'm trying to get through! I also want to read books with the book-club I'm a member of: Books Ever After. And I want to read books I want to read myself.
So slowly but surely I'm getting through the list.

Long story short; Have been reading, haven't been accepting reviews and slowly getting through my TBR-pile.

ALSO! It was my birthday this week, September 13th and I got an AMAZING present I want to share with you...

So beautiful! Can't wait to put those books in my new bookcase in my new house, yay!!

I didn't order Tower of Dawn yet, because it doesn't match these books.. So I hope it will get a different cover that matches these as well in the future.

Well, if you've made it all through the end of this post, high five!

Have a splendid week.

What's your opinion on the cover of Tower of Dawn?