Wednesday, September 6, 2017

ACOWAR Booktag

I've been wanting to do this booktag for SO LONG. I was swamped with reviews and I'm very glad that I have the time to do this ACOWAR booktag.
Have to give the credits to Chloe from Forever Fictional, where I saw this booktag.

Let's do this!


Lucien; A book that fits more than one genre
That's Game of Thrones for me. This book fits a lot of genres. Fantasy, History, Ficton and Adult. I've also seen websites call it Epic Fantasy, Hard Fantasy and a Political Novel, which I can definitely understand!

Tamlin; A book with a nice cover, but you don't like what's inside
Ghehe, this makes me smirk. I'm 100% Team Rhys.
I'd have to go for Eve & Adam. The cover is beautiful, but the story was awful. I remember that I did finish the book, but I didn't like it one bit! I was lucky to just borrow it at the library, I was glad I didn't buy the book myself!

Amarantha; A book that haunts you
I'd like to take "haunt" as a positive word in this case (even though Amarantha was horrible). A book that still follows me around is Me Before You. I've seen the movie after reading the book. In my opinion the casting was great! The movie was beautiful. I saw the book this weekend on my mother-in-law's shelves and I've read the last few pages again. I'd love to re-read this book. I am kinda scared to read the other parts, since I think the story was great as it was and the book didn't need to be a whole series. Let me know if you liked the second/third book!

King of Hybern; A book with a lot of bloodshed
I'd have to choose another book by George R.R. Martin, which is the second book in the Game of Thrones series; A Clash of Kings. A LOT of bloodshed. Unknown people, but also beloved main characters die in this series and I think this series is known for its bloodshed. A Clash of Kings is my King of Hybern!

Amren; A book you don't know much about
A book that I'm so excited about is Gemina, but I don't know much about this book. I've read Illuminae without reading the cover of the book. I just saw so many positive reviews about the book that I've bought and read it without actually knowing what it was about. It's the same for me with Gemina. I loved Illuminae so much that I bought Gemina without knowing what it's about and I don't plan on reading the cover or synopsis for this book!

Mor/Morrigan; A memoir
I don't read a lot of memoirs. I like fiction better than non-fiction. I did accept a few to read, just to read out of my comfort zone. In July I've read Everything is Normal; Life and Times of a Soviet Kid. This was such a refreshing read for me, since it's the POV of a kid in a country and time that I'm not familiar with. I liked it a lot.

Rhysand; A book that you have a bond with
I can't choose between all the ACOTAR books, or any of the Harry Potter books, so I'll go with a different one. I choose Uprooted. I loved this book so much. I bought it right away and can't wait to re-read and write a review about this book! It was a hard read for me in English, but I put myself to it and ended up loving this book so much. It's Fantasy with a great worldbuilding and a very different "evil". I loved the ending and was very glad that it's a standalone. 

Feyre; Pick a book that got you into reading
I've been reading since I was very young. There has been a time between 17-23 years old, where I haven't been reading that much. I remember falling back in love with books, reading and Goodreads when I finished Angelfall. I found this series in a secondhand bookshop in Brussels, bought all 3 books and haven't stopped reading since! The first bookseries I owned is the Grant County series by Karin Slaughter. She totally got me hooked with crime-thrillers.

The Spring Court; Pick a book that you read in the spring
I've read How to Find Love in a Bookshop last spring. It was such a great book, one of my favorites. It's not really spring-related, but it just gave me such a good feeling. It's really a feelgood-book and great to read in spring when the flowers pop out of the ground and the sun peeps through the clouds now and then!

The Night Court; Pick a book that you read well into the night
That's The Host for me! I remember finishing it somewhere around 3 AM. It was such a great book. The movie was okay, but it's so hard to put the two personalities that are in one body in a movie. The book was great with the different thoughts and feelings. I'm so sad I've never seen a second book, since The Host should be a first in a series. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you've read any of the books or if you're planning to read one.