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Review: In the Glow of the Lavalamp: Stories of Bad Sex and Other Misfortunes

Author: Lily Wilson
Started reading: May 10th 2020
Finished the book: May 14th 2020
Pages: 184
Genres: Short Stories, Humor, Sex
Published: April 2nd 2017
Source: Got a physical copy from the author
Goodreads score: Not enough ratings
My score:
In the Glow of the Lavalamp delivers ten stories of sex gone hilariously wrong, set in the bathtubs, back seats, battlegrounds, and bedrooms of America. These tales confirm that bizarre is indeed the nature of the universe and humor may be the best path through it. A grad student rappels down the side of a building on a bed sheet in an attempt to escape shame. An unlikely couple destroys a family heirloom when desire careens out of control. A bumbling lothario nearly beheads his lover when his seduction plans go awry. A middle-aged woman finds herself entwined in a passionate embrace at a Civil War battlefield. Earnest people, hell-bent on believing that reality lies at the surface of things, scramble toward acceptance of their humanity as they stumble over the unspoken and unacknowledged.

In the years since starting this blog, I've become a fan of short stories. I have read my good share of horror short stories, and I was curious about this book with short stories about bad sex and other misfortunes! Some of the stories in this book were so funny and made me laugh. Others made me feel bad for the characters in the story. Overall, I had a good time reading this book and I'm glad the author shared it with me.

I will break down the stories in this book by giving a short opinion on the separate stories.

The Fairy Queen
Rating: 4
It was a weird but really funny story. I could totally see how all this happened. It would be very weird for me, to picture myself having sex with one of my best friends. Especially the way it happened in this story...

In Which I Try to Avoid the Inevitable
Rating: 4
The back and forth was funny between the two characters. I didn't really figure out why the main character was so hesitant and why he was trying to avoid the inevitable?

I Sorry
Rating: 2
It was really weird for me how the main character put up with the person in this story. The things he says would be a real dealbreaker for me. Then there was some gross stuff and I didn't really enjoy the story.

The Interruption
Rating: 4
This story was so funny and I think it's relatable for a lot of people to get caught in the act, so to say. I would never go to the lengths this main character did. I would just rush into my clothes and open the door when someone rings, LOL!

Can't See the Forest for the Cat's Ass
Rating: 5
This was so detailed and explicit, it made it so funny! I thought it was hilarious. The way she totally doesn't get this guy, but keeps pointing out that not everybody has the same standards was pretty amusing.

Stayin' Alive
Rating: 5
I felt like this story just wasn't meant to be, everything went wrong! The title of this short story has so many layers, that was cleverly done. I enjoyed reading this short story.

OK Stupid
Rating: 5
It's so comical to read about dating disasters, I always feel bad, but still want to know, you get me? I loved the age of the person in this story as well. It's not like dating and sex is only for people below 30. I was happy there were stories from people above that age as well.

The Battle Below the Clouds
Rating: 4
This story shows to what lengths we would go to find the right one. I'm also astounded about the things men can say to a woman they barely know. I'm glad I've never experienced something like this story.

Rating: 5
At first, I thought this girl was so naive and I felt bad for her. Then she grew a huge pair of balls and I was rooting for her so hard. I loved the little mean thing she did at the end as well.

The Adjunct
Rating: 2
This story was just weird to me. I didn't really like anything about it. It was about someone figuring out that adultery is a pretty selfish act...

The Sample
Rating: 2
The author probably felt totally embarrassed and felt like this story was gross. I wasn't all that freaked out by it.

The Christmas Tree
Rating: 2
I didn't know if this person was male or female and so it was hard for me to picture this story in my head. I felt that this story wasn't all that bad and that something like this happens to others quite often.

Big Luck
Rating: 3
This is something that is relatable for people, but maybe not in a bad way like this. I felt bad for the person and the fact that everything the main person went through was all for nothing was quite funny.

The Funeral Weekend
Rating: 3
This story had some relatable aspects in it for me, which is always nice, to be able to feel involved. The turd story was so damn funny that I almost didn't believe it!

Here ya go, a book full of stories about bad sex and other misfortunes. Some of the stories were very enjoyable to read and others not so much, which is always the case when you pick up a bundle with short stories.
I do recommend this book for people who are interested, since you can just read it in one afternoon or evening.

Thanks for reading!
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