Friday, September 20, 2019

Booktag: Unhaul #2

A while ago I did an unhaul. Since I keep adding books to my TBR, but never remove any, I decided to do another unhaul.

My TBR is so big, that it sometimes scares me. I decided to visit my own Goodreads shelves and to unhaul 10 books.

Please feel free to participate and unhaul some of your books. I'd love to know what books you decided to unhaul!

This book doesn't really get that many good reviews on Goodreads. Lots of readers DNF-ed the book, so I'm gonna skip this for now.

I probably added this book because it takes place in Chicago and I love the cover. Although a lot of friends added this on Goodreads, it doesn't get that many good reviews. It's a historical fiction, I'm usually not that big of a fan of that genre.

Doesn't get that many good reviews and the blurb doesn't grab me enough to keep it on my TBR.

I'm a huge fan of retellings, but they have to be very good to impress. It's hard to write good retellings and the Goodreads score, together with the reviews and blurb doesn't convince me. Actually scared that if I read this, I'll totally hate it.

I recently wrote in a review about me probably reading too much Fantasy/YA books and being overly critical towards those books. This is a Fantasy/YA book and it doesn't convince me. I've seen some quotes from this book that had me like NOPE. More than one review talked about insta-love and then I was like NOPE NOPE.

A big pet peeve of mine is books that have multiple POV's and they're not written well. I've seen many reviews on this book on Goodreads that talk about the POV's not being good in this book. Skip for me.

Seeing a lot of reviewers talking about a selfish, self-centered main character. That's a nope for me.

I was really in doubt about this book. Some reviews are very promising, but if you read the negative ones, they all say the same. That the main character was at points very naive. That the characters are just running around blind, not making sense. That the book is so unclear at the end. This scares me, so it's a no for now.

It sounded fun at first, but I'm not sure if I want to spend my time reading a parody book.

Another YA Fantasy. Another 16 y/o female main character. Another rebellion. Another book where people are powerful through differences in their blood.

This leaves 662 books on my TBR.
Please let me know what you think of this unhaul.
Did I make some mistakes, or do you agree?

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