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Review: Second Coming: Elvis. Extraterrestrials. Dogs.

Author: D.B. Borton
Started reading: August 2nd 2019
Finished the book: August 6th 2019
Pages: 274
Genres: Adult, Science-Fiction
Published: June 6th 2017
Source: Physical copy from the author
Goodreads score: Not enough ratings
My score:
Hank Jones isn’t your typical alien abductee. There were no tractor beams, probes, or government conspiracies involved—no, Hank met his kidnappers at a bar. They weren’t exactly hard to miss—Elvis, a seven-foot tall Elvis clone, and Lawrence, a grounded European gent, were the only UCLA supporters in a bar full of Hoosiers.

Still, Hank has nothing better to do. It’s spring break, there’s a pile of freshman essays on his desk, and his thesis is going nowhere. Worse, his ex is sleeping with his dissertation director. He needs a friend, and these aliens will do.

Besides, Elvis and Lawrence could really use a hand—they haven’t visited Earth since the 1950s, and now they’re lost in Indiana, not realizing that things have changed. They need to get to Washington: if they don’t warn the president about a coming nuclear arms race, the planet will be destroyed.

My thoughts
After needing some time to get into the book, the story was nice and I got to really like one of the characters. The message behind the book was a nice one and the ending left me satisfied.

  • Elvis: I love how an Elvis lookalike is a character in this book. I'm a big Elvis fan and I had fun reading that the character Elvis was inspired by Elvis Presley. The Elvis in this book is a very strong and deadly one. The nice thing is that he's so cute and at times doesn't even realise how dangerous he is.
  • Ending: The ending was sweet and good and it fitted the story. I did not know how it would end and I couldn't guess at it, I was curious how this book would be wrapped up. It was well chosen and well written, definitely a pro for this book.
  • Message: If you read this book, you will find a message behind the story. It's about how we, as humans, destroy the world, destroy the planet. How we don't take the warnings serious. I liked how the story wasn't preachy, like some books can be, it was very subtle in this book. Well done by the author.
  • Humor: The humor in this book wasn't my thing. I'd read reviews before reading this book, and found more readers that didn't get the humor. I started reading, hoping this book could make me laugh, but I just didn't get it most of the time.
  • Middle part: The middle part of the book fell flat for me. Not much was happening and at times I felt a bit bored. The ending was very good, the last 20 pages definitely the best of the book. I had hoped the middle part would fit that ending a bit more in terms of excitement.
Definitely a book for Elvis fans, because I'm sure you'll fall in love with the Elvis in this book as well. The message behind the story is a clear one and it's something I sometimes worry about too. I do hope the humor in this book will be for you. The ending is definitely worth reading.

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