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Review: The Humiliations of Pipi McGee

Author: Beth Vrabel
Started reading: September 14th 2019
Finished the book: September 24th 2019
Pages: 384
Genres: Middle Grade, Contemporary
Published: September 16th 2019
Source: Netgalley
Goodreads score: 4.17
My score:
From her kindergarten self-portrait as a bacon with boobs, to fourth grade when she peed her pants in the library thanks to a stuck zipper to seventh grade where...well, she doesn't talk about seventh grade. Ever.
After hearing the guidance counselor lecturing them on how high school will be a clean slate for everyone, Pipi--fearing that her eight humiliations will follow her into the halls of Northbrook High School--decides to use her last year in middle school to right the wrongs of her early education and save other innocents from the same picked-on, laughed-at fate. Pipi McGee is seeking redemption, but she'll take revenge, too.

My thoughts
I'm sure this is an enjoyable book for Middle Graders and High School students. I felt a bit too old for this book sometimes. Some Middle School books can be enjoyable for all ages, but I'm not sure this book fits that range. I did like some of the characters and was eventually curious about the ending.

  • Illustrations: Some of the illustrations really added something to the story and it also gave the book a more Middle Grade feeling. I loved the bacon-drawing, which is a big part of this book. It made me laugh so hard.
  • Annie: By far my favorite character. I love me a quirky, smart Kindergartner, and that's exactly what Annie is. She is funny and serious at the same time. She's overly cute and really won my heart! I'd love to have her in my classroom.
  • Secret: A big part of the book was about a big secret from 7th Grade that Pipi doesn't want to talk about. It made me so curious and I didn't guess what it was. The revelation came at the right moment in the story as well.
  • Curious: I was curious about the ending. Pipi is that kind of a character that just makes sure that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I saw a big disaster coming from far away, but I had no idea how it would play out. It made me want to read the ending and also helped me to finish the book.
  • Jealousy: Jealousy and small-mindedness is a huge part in this book. It was all so negative at some point that it made me cringe. It was kinda weird that a good friend won't grant you time and friendships with others without being overly dramatic and negative about it. It just isn't a good example for Middle Graders to my opinion.
  • I'm too old?!: I really felt too old for this book. All the drama, negativity and predictability in a big part of the book took away a big part of the fun for me. I am curious to the opinion of maybe younger readers. I do think this would be a book for girls/boys who are about to go to High School.
An good story with loads of characters. I'm sure there is a character for everyone to like. The book was good in keeping some things a mystery and that made me curious. I do feel like I'm a bit too old for the drama in this book...

Other opinions on this book
"Some set pieces are hilarious, the titular humiliations truly wince-worthy, and the supporting cast is chock-full of appealing characters."
- Booklist

"Pipi McGee's story is as real and complicated as middle school itself. It's hurt and healing, betrayal and forgiveness, self-doubt and self-discovery."
- The Loose Ends List

Memorable quotes from this book
"When you hate something, it's all you think about. When you enhance it, you find its beauty."

"Hurt people hurt people."

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