Monday, December 20, 2021

Goodreads: Your Year In Books Meme 2021

Hi there and welcome to the blog!
I'm so excited to do the Your Year in Books Meme. This is a meme that I created four years ago. It is a way to write a blogpost about the Goodreads Your Year in Books and to share it with others.

I was hoping that bloggers would participate, and that worked out okay in the last few years. I hope I can get it even bigger this year.
This is actually a yearly meme where you write your final 2021 wrap up. Instead of the usual monthly or weekly memes.

I'd love for people to participate so please share your link at the end of this post!

You're free to write the blogpost in any way you like just to wrap up 2021.

I usually take the time to update my Year in Books Meme Blogpost every two days, so I keep it up to date! That way, you can participate whenever you like.

 Some statistics...
I've read 13.291 pages across 55 books.
The average length for the books I've read was 241 pages.

The shortest books I've read was Recently Deceased (6 pages).
The longest book I've read was Empire of Storms (689 pages).

The most popular book I've read was 1984 (5.934.671 other readers).
The least popular book I've read was The Mermaid and the Grumpy old Clam (1 other reader).


My average rating this year was 3.9 ★★★★☆
The highest book I've rated was The Way She Surfs (5.00 average).

My first review of 2021 was Blood Wedding.
My most recent review of the year 2021 was Eragon.

My high scoring books this year
(Click the book to read the review)

How to participate
First of all; Thanks so much for reading!
I'd love for ANYONE to participate in this Meme and to read your blogposts about your own Goodreads Year in books.

Participating is easy:
1) Write your own Your Year in Books post.
2) Link back to this post.
3) Enter the link of your post in the widget below.
4) Tag your friends (if you like).
5. Check back here to enjoy other people's posts!
Click here to read more about this meme.

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