Thursday, February 3, 2022

Top 10 Two Short Stories

I've written thirty Two Short Stories posts. I thought it was time to give you the top 10 short stories and picture books I've read.
I will describe the book in 3 words and you can click the book to go to the review and to learn more!

#1: The Way She Surfs by Paige Briscoe
3 words about this book: poetic, inspiring, coming-out

#2: The Little-Known Heroes: William 'Dummy' Hoy by Kaushay & Spencer Ford
3 words about this book: inspirational, beautiful, curious

#3: Stella by Josh Dygert
3 words about this book: coming-of-age, suspense, mystery

#4: The Alekizou: and His Terrible Library Plot! by Nancy Turgeon
3 words about this book: educational, playful, creative

#5: Sticky Brains by Nicole Libin
3 words about this book: playful, feelings, learning

#6: Little Love by Rose Stanek
3 words about this book: rhyme, beautiful, lessons

#7: Ollie's Garden by Riya Aarini
3 words about this book: layers, positivity, different

#8: Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh by Christopher Opyr
3 words about this book: thriller, dark, rollercoaster-ride

#9: Fernando Invents Socks! by Brad Pohl
3 words about this book: adorable, actuality, information

#10: Wander New York: Fitz in the City by Reese Traves
3 words about this book: joyful, exploring, learning

Which book did catch your eye?

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